Open since 2004 "LocoMats" have changed the film industry for the better. Just look at all the imitators that are now using a more eco-friendly alternative to layout board. But don't be fooled by those using inferior products or phony "environmentally-friendly products". We've spared no expense to use the best mats you can buy to protect your location and minimize damage. We offer exceptional service and focus our attention on the details that location professionals know are most important.

"We've Gotcha Covered"



Finest Mats You Can Buy

You won't find our mats on a shelf in Home Depot! The product we use is made with a 100% nylon fiber carpet, which is impervious to soiling, sunlight, and repeated washings. The patented rubber anti-skid backing produces the most durable mat we can buy. They are professionally laundered on a regular basis.

Seasoned Crews

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

With over 11 years in business we have the best trained union and non-union crews. They will give your job the attention you deserve. 

We Know We Are Better


Because “LocoMats” was founded by a Location Manager who was tired of wasting time, wrestling with layout board. After using these mats since 1992, we believe we have the perfect solution.  You can be assured we are using only the finest product to protect your location, and with our experience, the job will be done right.